Our Mission

To provide information and resources to parents, families, and service providers to support Gender Open Parenting.

We believe not assigning a sex or gender at birth allows children to be exactly who they are, free from stereotypes and free from who we think they should be.

We are a group of parents committed to letting our children be themselves by not assigning a sex/gender at birth and using they/them pronouns from birth until they self-determine their own gender.  What started as a Facebook group in 2015 with 7 parents, quickly escalated into an online network of hundreds of parents committed to raising our children in a gender open framework.  These children have lovingly been nicknamed 'theybies'.   This website has been created to provide more information to those interested in learning about gender open parenting and to provide resources for parents, families and educators.

Meet us

Adinne, 40

Toronto, Canada

"For us, it’s been easier than we thought.  We’re lucky to live in a pretty progressive community in a pretty progressive city.  We’ve had lots of support and any struggles people have had has been around how to get in the habit of using they/them pronouns rather than any refusals to do it."   

Adinne, 40

Toronto, Canada

Pann, 29

Greater Vancouver, Canada -

Coast Salish territory

"For myself, especially as a trans and nonbinary parent, this is the true default. Assigning a gender at birth is by definition a cissexist act. "   

Nick, 33

Cera, 32

London, UK

"It wasn’t until Cera was pregnant and we became familiar with “theybies” that we realised we didn’t stand a chance of avoiding this hierarchy [of old over young]  unless we declined to gender them at birth and give them full agency over their identity for the entirely of their lives." 

Sparrow, 28

Justin, 38

Duncan and

Nanaimo, Canada

"The advice we'd give to other parents is to stay strong, join FB groups and Insta each other. You aren't alone, we're all in this together."